Royal kings in a clothing line targeting the interest in teens and young adults ages 18-25. Here at Royal Kings we are dedicated to providing some of the most fashionable, trendy and sought after styles at the right price because, we want you to dress like royalty. 

The Other Eye is an original  Photo-shoot theme brought to you buy MPG Studios. The Other Eye allows men and women to have a little fun in front of the camera, while being able to dig a little deeper into their own personality to find out who there alter ego really is.

I thought it would be cool to come up with my own Reliving The 90’s marathon where all of your favorite nickelodeon shows would broadcast all day on select viewing stations. Ive created 5 minimalistic character posters based on what they were known for wearing during their show, along with a Netflix ad that promotes the reliving the 90’s live stream marathon. Through out the day be on the look out for the on screen trivia questions. If you hashtag “reliving the 90’s”, you could have a chance to win a character shirt and matching button of your choice.